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Is Hometending Right for You?

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Are you interested in living in an upscale San Antonio home at a fraction of the going rental rates?

While becoming a hometender may not be for everyone, there are circumstances where it’s a great fit:

  • People who are waiting for their own homes to be finished by their builder.
  • People who need to save money so they can buy a home.
  • People who need to sell their house in another city before they can buy homes locally.
  • People waiting for a job, wedding, graduation, divorce or any life change that makes purchasing a house a bad option.
  • People who are new in town, and want to ‘test drive’ a few neighborhoods or builders before they decide what and where to buy their home.
  • Anyone who has a need for a nice, temporary housing situation at a fantastic savings.

There are several requirements to be a hometender:

  • Hometenders must have attractive furnishings, decorating items and a flair for decorating in order to properly stage a client’s home.
  • Hometenders must keep house ready to show in ‘model-home’ condition.
  • Hometenders must cooperate with Realtor showings and effectively communicate with them to meet the clients’ needs.
  • No pets; No smoking.
  • Home tenders need to be ready to move when the house sells.
  • A home tender needs to be flexible and easy to work with (leaving the house during showings).

If you think you might like to become a hometender:

  • Come and talk to us; we want to be sure you hear all the good (and bad) things about being a hometender so you can make a good decision. We have a list of “things you should think about” to go over with you.
  • Provide pictures of your furniture. This makes it possible for use to match you up with a house you’ll look great in.
  • Fill out an application. There is no application fee, and you won’t sign or promise anything until you are ready.

Ready to talk? Need more information? Contact us at (210) 308-8661, or visit our contact page and send us a message.

Make an appointment now to come in and hear all the details with NO OBLIGATION. You can also contact us and upload pictures of your furniture along with your name and contact information by visiting our contact page.

Give your good taste the home it deserves–be a hometender.

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